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Migrate your email hosting toZimbra Mail for simple &
cost-effective approach
Migrate your email hosting to

Zimbra Mail for simple &

cost-effective approach
Zimbra Email Migration

What is Zimbra?

The Zimbra email hosting is crafted especially for the organizations that are looking for better reliability & functionality. Zimbra is an enterprise-class email & collaborative solution which includes great features like document management system, task management system, and many other search options. Even though if you are out at any hotel or in a cab, Zimbra provides functionality to answer & schedule emails, calendars, and documents while being at your current place. You will also be notified about the modifications directly to your office desk computer. Zimbra is trusted by more than 5000 companies and public sector customers, and over 500 million end-users in over 140 countries.

How can our Zimbra Solutions be helpful for your business?

We at MGS, help you to identify opportunities by introducing your small and large companies to such providers where you can receive personalized solutions at affordable rates. MGS offers consulting services for each enterprise-class email solution created in Zimbra. By working with us, you will receive top Zimbra provider companies with relevant experience and skilled individuals. Our email solution will allow you to communicate more efficiently with your staff and your customers.

Benefits of Zimbra

As an open-source platform, Zimbra will be turn out to be a cost-effective solution for all businesses. Each of their Zimbra open-source edition software, documentation, and innovation has been built, tested, utilized, and discussed openly by all the individuals who do participate in their Open Source Community.


Zimbra has enhanced privacy and protection features that allow users to stay safe and private. Zimbra has improved features like
  • Two-factor authentication
  • S/MIME Digital signatures & encryption
  • Postscreen for Zimbra MTA boosts Email security

Backup & Restore

Preparing a backup of your data allows you to make a duplicate copy which you can retrieve from that source anytime. The new feature of the Zimbra real-time backup & restore engine backs up every single item on your server with split-second precision. Zimbra provides six restore features that are transparent to users, and are 100% OS architectured, and version independent.

Our Zimbra Services

Zimbra Mail Consulting Services

Mas Global offers consulting services for enterprise-class Zimbra-based email solutions. We offer high-level architecture design as well as low-level workflow details on how Zimbra Collaboration Server must be deployed at a particular organization. We provide assistance to both parties i.e. company & client by introducing the services and needs to each other.

Hosted Zimbra mail Solutions

You might have faced several mail solutions who fails to provide hosting solutions. However, this isn’t the case with Zimbra email Solutions. Mas Global Services can also host the open-source solutions at our data centers through the Managed Hosting Offering. As a result, the client has a single point of contact for both implementation and hosting services.

Our Clients